Branding & Logo Design

Your business’ branding can help define your entire customer experience. People are more likely to buy or book with your company if they can relate to your messaging. Good, consistent branding can help create trust and familiarity with your business.

Our approach is to begin by understanding what you feel is your defining difference, the competitive environment, and the aesthetic or the feeling you want to convey. Armed with all this information, inspiration and boundless creativity, we work closely with you to create a logo which resonates with your customers.

As part of this process, we can also develop a brand strategy to guide you through the use of your brand's most recognisable asset – your logo – and the overall message of your business.

Leslie Hills Wine Logo
Growth Partners
Boom Boy Logo
Apia TV
Milestone Tours
uReview Logo
Meraki Hair and Beauty
Otago University Research Booklet - Genes, Society and the Future
Cafe Gratitude
Mr Cool Logo
Sax in the City
Bathrooms Northshore Logo
Balance Personnel
Yeity Travel
Garden of Eve
Silk and More
Building Wealth
Chesters Quality Gourmet Foods
Pete's Thermal Jeans
Liquid Steaz
Hammer Heads Restaurant
Waihi Beach Cafe
New Zealand China Development
RPG Power Grains
The Carpenters Daughter
Epsom Central
Auckland Seaplanes
Find a Venue
Otago University - Human Genome Research
Clutha Black
Insulation UK
Talia Brand Logo

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