Meet the Team

Owner / Designer
Jarman Smith

I come from a design background. I find it very important to really listen to your business requirements and goals. There is a lot to digest with any new business but I take all the information, research, investigate, ask questions, then evaluate.

Once the research has been completed this information is pulled together with our team to make sure that the design and functionality requirements are aligned with what your business requires.

Diploma 3 year course in Visual Communications - Dip Vis.Com

Senior Full Stack Dev
Sergey Shevchenko

I am devoted, team-oriented and entrepreneurial-spirited Full stack developer with extensive skills in programming, Linux system administration, and building IT system architecture. I thrive on the challenge of turning business ideas into IT systems of the optimal complexity. Training, Development, & Mentoring: Trained more than 10 employees that built Cross-Organization Collaboration: Evaluated and compiled contracts between 2 and 3 parties.

Website Designer
Brian Walker

Brian honed his design and website building skills, built back-end business systems and worked alongside business owners all across New Zealand to help them flourish in the new digital world. During the recent lockdown Brian had time to rethink and revisit his real passion; helping small businesses thrive and grow in the digital space.

Full Stack Developer
Deja Ballard

Deja is a multi talented website developer and has extensive experience in many software programes, coding languages and CMS platforms. Deja is passionate about his work and is great with clients and is very responsive to your needs. Deja is a very good problem solver and can write custom code when required to resolve complex functionality requirements if needed.

Susan Smith

Susan is our accounts and admin person she is enthusiastic about her work and has great attention to detail.

Full Stack Developer
Dan Roberts

Dan is a highly skilled website app developer and can design to an impeccable standard. Dan has had extensive experience working for many large agencies and freelancing. Dan has run his own SilverStripe agency which he sold to an Australian company. Dan has 20 years experience working in NZ and overseas.

Senior developer
Abzal Ongarbayev

Abzal is a high level developer in multiple code languages. Abzal can develop for Virtual Reality and AI projects. Abzal is a well rounded super fast dev and fast thinking problem solver. Abzal has many years experience from working in his homeland of Kazakhstan. Abzal now lives in Auckland with his wife and family.

Rakeeb Hussein

Rakeeb is a snappy creative content copywriter  - Think of us as a plug & play Digital Marketing Department for your growing business utilising copywriting as the driving force. My background is in management, retail. operations, digital marketing, social media and influencer engagement.

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