Why having a website and online presence is more important than ever

Posted on
September 21, 2021

One thing we have all learnt over the last two years is we need to adapt and quick! Let's look at the importance of owning a website during the coronavirus pandemic, and how our marketing and web design agency at BYTE MEDIA can help you be more present online. 

For many of us, when the nation moves into a Level 3 or 4 lockdown, your website is most likely your sole source of brand representation. This makes it a key component in the survival of your business during these difficult times. Throughout the pandemic, many businesses had to temporarily close their businesses to keep their staff and customers safe. However, even if your business is still closed now, it’s important to remember that the internet is open 24/7. Just because shoppers may no longer be able to walk into your business to make a purchase, it doesn’t mean that demand has dropped or they’ve stopped shopping altogether, they’ve just found a new way to do so - let's bring them to your website. 

If you already have a website but it needs improving to serve the needs of your customers, then don’t let it slide away - act now to get it ready. Your customers will want a website that is user friendly and responsive. If you are selling products online, you need to have the ability to sell online and enable click and collect - this is the new way of selling for a lot of businesses now and this is what your customers will look out for first. 

Let’s look at our client, WET AND FORGET - who are now widely recognised for its unique, quality products that are both time savers and more environmentally friendly with distributions in Australia, USA and UK but still NZ owned and operated. They are NZ's leading range of outdoor moss & mould removers, window cleaners, pest control products, weedkillers, car cleaning products as well as bathroom, kitchen and laundry cleaners. They came to us as they wanted to adapt to the changing times and make their website more functionable and recently we enabled Click and Collect on their website to allow contactless purchase and pickups for their customers. Making the website responsive allowed them to serve their customers more effectively even when so many businesses were shut due to not being able to offer the efficient and safe way of selling their products online. 

We know it is hard to navigate through these tough times and we want to help! From building brand new websites, to optimising your existing website, our team is here to help. Get in touch and talk to us about your needs today! We are happy to offer a complimentary audit of your website to see what changes you may need to make to be appealing to your customers online.

Posted on
March 21, 2023