What is Silverstripe CMS and why should it be your preferred CMS platform?

Posted on
January 11, 2021

Silverstripe CMS is a free and open source content management system (CMS) and framework for creating and maintaining websites and web applications. It provides an out of the box web-based administration panel that enables users to make modifications to parts of the website. The core of the software is Silverstripe Framework, a PHP Web application framework.

Their mission in business is simple: they want to help everyone have valued interactions with the organisations that shape modern life. They believe that everyone's lives should improve as technology advances, so they've built the tools to help do just that. 

Some key features of Silverstripe that we can all take advantage from are: 

  • Out-of-the-box template, supporting responsive design (works on smartphones, tablets, and desktop computers)
  • Rich-text editing based on a modified version of TinyMCE
  • Quick embedding of videos and other resources from websites like YouTube, slideshare, etc. (using oEmbed)
  • Drag-and-drop tree-based navigation structure
  • Work-flow management: Draft/Published separation through content staging, document revision control/rollback with 'compare' functionality
  • Multiple templates per page
  • Search engine friendly URLs, metadata management, XML sitemap generation.

There are over 7,000 New Zealand based websites currently that use the SilverStripe CMS platform including 2Degrees, Westpac, Lenovo, Skinny and many more kiwi brands.   

SilverStripe’s ability to expose and manipulate data as objects without being tied down by ‘hard’ design decisions or technical debt is what sets it apart from other CMS platforms. SilverStripes user-interface was carefully redesigned with React so that the site builder has access to an enormous library of high quality, reusable UI components which can be easily configured for simple customization within any project.. To take advantage of this, the upgrade path is relatively painless as the fundamental application framework and data structure is retained; you don’t need to make drastic upheavals to keep your CMS up-to-date.

As a SilverStripe Partner, BYTE Media has been building websites using Silverstripe CMS for years now. We feel SilverStripe is a great fit for most of our clients as it’s easy to use, built for the responsive web, and integrates nicely with other systems using modern web architectural patterns and practices. If you are interested to get started with a  new website using Silverstripe, please contact our expert team for the next steps. We will get you started with ease!

Posted on
September 5, 2021