Perpetual Guardian - Footprint

Design and build for Perpetual Guardian's online will service, Footprint

The Brief

Perpetual Guardian asked us to design and develop a new website for the online will making service called Footprint. The website had to undergo vigourous penetration tests that were done via a third-party. Once all the security test had been passed then the site could go live.

Our Solution

This website required some complex integrations with Perpetual Guardian's data systems, with this in mind the best solution was to build this in SilverStripe as it can handle custom code well is very secure. We then would take a design and overlay this onto the framework we had created in SilverStripe. With complex forms involved we split these into steps making a better user experience.

The Outcome

The outcome was a great looking website with a secure CMS powering all the functionality at a high level with low maintenance.

Perpetual Guardian

We provide an online Will writing service that creates legally sound, safe, and secure Wills you can rely on. Our customers can relax, knowing that professional Will drafters review each Will to make sure everything is right before you sign it.

Website design and development
December 2023
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Perpetual Guardian - Footprint
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